Our LINky-winky friends.

You may (or at least ought) to know that Launchpad strives to get mental health service users involved in mental health services, in the design,delivery and scrutiny of such services, and to have a voice.

Well, we’re not alone in the City, though we are the only mental health specialists, and the only Mental health user-run and user-led group doing such work. For the wider sphere of all of health and social care (that’s a pretty big sphere…) there are our friends in Newcastle LINk.

LP is part of the LINk (doing,er,mental health if you couldn’t guess), and likes its collaborative,business-like,but accessible approach.

Here’s their official spiel:

What do you think about your health and care services?

Newcastle LINk (Local Involvement Network) gives everyone a say about their health and adult social care services. It’s a great way to share information and talk about the issues that affect YOU!

Newcastle LINk is free to join and you’ll receive newsletters and information about activities and events. There are lots of ways of being ‘hands-on’, for example, taking part in surveys and task groups or even training to become an ‘enter and view’ visitor. How much time you give to Newcastle LINk is entirely up to you.

This is your chance to let the people who plan and deliver your health and social care services know what you want. Why not become a part of the LINk and have your say?

For more information email the LINk Project Manager at craigduerden@cvsnewcastle.org.uk or contact the LINk Support Team at findoutmore@newcastlelink.org.uk, call us free on 0800 756 9526, or visit the website at www.newcastlelink.org.uk where you can also download a membership form.

Newcastle LINk is supported by Newcastle Council for Voluntary Service and Community Action on Health.

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