News from the Coalition.The Coalition of RESISTANCE.

It is time for a broad movement of active resistance to the Con-Dem government’s budget intentions. They plan the most savage spending cuts since the 1930s, which will wreck the lives of millions by devastating our jobs, pay, pensions, NHS, education, transport, postal and other services.” TONY BENN, AUGUST 2010

The Coalition of Resistance is a broad united national campaign against cuts and privatisation in our workplaces, community and welfare services, based on general agreement with the founding statement issued by Tony Benn in August 2010.

It isn’t linked to any particular political party, but committed to open working in a non-sectarian way with all organisations seeking to co-ordinate resistance, and is dedicated to supplementing, rather than supplanting, trade union, student, pensioner and community

opposition to austerity measures.

The campaign is based on thousands of individual supporters, together with national unions, union branches, anti-cuts campaigns, student, pensioner, unemployed, youth, and other organisations.

We don’t believe the cuts are necessary

We support tax justice

Coalition of Resistance Tyne and Wear is the local group here, in the north east.

We meet regularly to develop the ongoing campaign and take part in protests and actions against the cuts.

Everyone is welcome to join us and you can contact us here:

Facebook Page!/group.php?gid=106316062750614

Twitter Link

Savage, unnecessary unfair benefits cuts attack millions

government imposition of impoverishment and misery

  • Housing Benefit cuts – forcing people to uproot from their home area, friends, schools and communities.
  • Limited tenure in social housing – enforced moves as above

These cuts affect people in low paid work as well as those dependent on benefits

  • Mortgage interest payments cut – resulting in arrears and repossessions
  • Disabled Living Allowance cuts – making it harder and more expensive for disabled people to work  (and isn’t that what the government want them to do….?)
  • mobility component of the Disability Living Allowance cut for people who live in residential care  – isolating people and limiting their lives

Independent Living Fund

  • Cuts up to £30 weekly to childcare costs in the tax credits system.

Work Capability Assessments – aimed at pushing people onto lower jobseeker benefits

  • Employment and Support Allowance – limited to one year – after which only means tested benefits can be claimed

  • Education Maintenance Allowance abolished

Child Trust          Funds abolished

  • Social Care budgets cut

No Legal Aid for civil damages, clinical negligence claims, consumer protection disputes, criminal injuries compensation claims, debt, disputes over education, employment rights, and all immigration matters except for asylum.

  • VAT increase to 20% – affects those with lowest incomes most

What’s fair about any of that?   ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

‘Chase the tax evaders and avoiders and there would be no deficit!’

Join us  –  Fight back not cut back

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