Lots (more) MH news and info

A staggering amount of news for Shrove Tuesday, with a mix of sweet sugared items, and sourer ones with the tang of lemon juice. We’ll start with the more concrete local news and items, and then move on to a blizzard of links to national level news, issues and opinions worth checking out.


Please find attached the latest newsletter from Derby Terrace Day Service (Ta, Jayne)

Next up is MHNE’s March news bulletin (Cheers, Gayle and Lyn).

Now we come to Maureen from NEMHDU’s estimable round-up of news and snippets.

There is also a DVD available (for free) co-created by Dave Miller, or <a href="mailto:launchpadncl at Launchpad.

Please also find attached for reference the Draft Carers' Strategy from TEWV NHS foundation trust. (Thanks Dawn)

Okay, that’s all of the attachments accounted for so now it’s link-o-rama time.

Two NSUN bulletins (and do consider joining them as they assist the regional user and carer network, NEt). Last week’s and this week’s.

Now lots of articles and commentary.
A cracking (but probably all too prescient) satire on the Govt’s Big Society and ‘Community Empowerment", from the Directory of Social Change.

A bit more on the Big Society (BS) and how it mightn’t empower the citizenry as much as the rhetoric implies.

On to the NHS and something to take note of, relating to the confidentiality of your data. Not explicitly safeguarded in the forthcoming health and social care bill. The BMA’s expressed grave concerns on this.

NHS again, and the prospect of GP consortia being floated on the Stock Exchange, which is surprising, to say the least. Who mentioned conflict of interest? Hat-tip to Asmodeus Phot.

On that very topic,when the chair of the Royal College of GPs flags up the issue, it looks like it could rumble on, given that GPs will be both commissioners and providers…

Will the Govt’s legislation change in response? Going by Andrew Lansley’s, er,rather insouciant appearance on a webcast with the BMA last night, perhaps not.There again, he’s already had to table an amendment to his own legislation before it’s hit proper parliamentary debate, and there appears (belatedly, some might say) to be some LibDem reluctance to go through with what appears to be predominantly Conservative.policy for the NHS: Shirley Williams wrote for the Times with her misgivings (link is to a blog reprint,with a follow-up piece listing some ‘dissenting’ LibDems, as the Times sits behind a paywall). A follow-up letter to The Times from a LibDem member of the Health Select Committee goes as far as to call the NHS proposals a "high-speed train crash" (again link is to blog reprint).

From interesting times in Health to similarly challenging times for social care, including legal challenges to adult social care cuts and the raising of the threshold for services (Fair Access to Care Services criteria),What a FACS up. (hat-tip Steve Nash)

Further social care difficulties are related here, with a gentleman’s account of his problems with personalisation, while an advocate for personalisation sounds very downbeat these days here. Looks like (as ever) the devils in the details of implementation, and the attitude of the funders.

In case that’s not enough sombre stuff, we move finally to the vexed and ongoing problem with the changes to the benefits system, the WCA testing programme and its fitness for purpose (see mail-outs passim). Sevice users may have been making a big noise about the problems they’ve encountered for really quite some time now, but it does appear to be hitting some pockets of the mainstream media too. Indeed the Work and pensions Select Committee were told to their faces this week about the difficulties with the currently incoming Work Capability assessment regime. Choicest bit: The chair, Dame Anne Begg (Labour, Aberdeen South), said this was the first time in her nine years on the committee that MPs had ventured out and talked to real people. "We should do this kind of thing more," she said. MPs,eh? What are they like? Tsk. Imagine that: meeting real people. There’s also a faint (faint) possibility that the House of Lords may stir and say something about the WCA too.


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