Thursday’s terrific mash-up of news,views, and odds’n’ends relating to mental health, health and social care

Nothing of note has happened, no opinions have been voiced, "not a breath stirred, not a leaf moved".

Only joking.
As ever, there’s lots of stuff.
Where to start? Well, how about an interesting talk/debate on Schizophrenia,Illness or Myth, this coming Monday (18th of April), in Newcastle (in a pub, no less) as part of a series to mark 100 years of the ‘invention’ of the diagnosis/label (there may be other events to mark the centenary…watch this space). Thanks to NPS and Anthony!

Next courtesy of maureen at NEMHDU is a round-up of Dept of Health news (attached).
Regarding NEMHDU, here is the official statement:

In December 2010, North East Primary Care Chief Executives took the decision that NEMHDU will wind down during 2011/12, in line with other regional development centres around the country, and in light of the fact that funding will cease from March 2012.

We are currently agreeing business priorities up to a provisional end date of 31 October 2011. These priorities have been identified through our joint working with regional partners, including the Mental Health Clinical Innovation Team, NHS trusts, NHS North East, service users and carers and the third sector. We will continue to work with all of our partners and stakeholders over the coming months to ensure that the positive outcomes from our work are embedded within local systems and organisations – and we will strive to ensure mental health is on the agenda of newly emerging health and social care structures.

Our Year End Report 2010-11 and a summary of our business priorities to 31 October 2011 will be available in early June.

In the meantime, please visit our website to view a range of publications detailing outcomes of work that we have delivered or commissioned:

Returning to local stuff and attachments, please find the Crisis Skylight Spring timetable, now that Spring has sprung.Thanks, Joanne.

If younger people and mental health is your area of interest, then courtesy of the ever-admirable Streetwise is an invitation to a networking/getting together lunch on the 10th of May (Ta, Tracey).

Next we have a great news round-up from our allies in NSUN ( do take a look and maybe join,eh, as they’ve been very good to our user and carer networks, sub-regionally and regionally. Also we can feed straight in to them, which is handy as they have just secured 2 seats on the national Joint Commissioning Board for mental health)

Now a bit on welfare "reform" and welfare to work (n.b. watch this space for news of a mental health welfare reform action group, to bring together users who feel the changes have been to their detriment and inadequately cater for their mental health problems: pencil May 23rd into your diaries.

Regarding welfare-to-work, as announced in a previous mail-out, the "prime" contractors have been announced for our region, Avanta and Igneus Deloitten. Nationally, only one charity has been declared "prime", and there have been grave misgivings sounded about the potential loss of localised expertise, and the capture of the market by huge multinationals, despite a lack of compelling evidence that they are up to the task. .

Ordinarily, you’d at this point be reaching for the smelling salts, in the expectation of a flurry of links to pieces about the (paused, nipped outside for a crafty fag, aiming to return as if nothing’s amiss) reforms to the NHS. The reforms that led the Royal College of Nursing to vote 99% against Mr Lansley, a kind of electoral result seldom seen outside of banana republics. To be honest, there are too many pieces to fit into one mailout, and time is ticking on for this to emerge this week, so one link to a good analysis of the reforms as originally (and still) laid out will have to suffice (but the links within it are very good too, and good on the controversy on the adequacy or not of the Work capability Assessment/WCA).Penned by a GP, it couldn’t be said to favour the line taken by the Coalition, and is deeply pessimistic but is certainly thought-provoking. Do read it.

Another mailout will follow early next week, with opinions/analysis links galore, plus official guidelines, announcements and the like, so until then,

Alisdair Cameron
LAUNCHPAD Team Leader,
NTWSU&C n/wk co-chair (with Mish Loraine)
(for network business: ntwsuc)

Offices 210 and 211,
Holy Jesus Hospital,
City Road,
Newcastle upon Tyne,

Tel 0191 2330382 (personal mobile 07736074213)
E-mail launchpadncl

or alisdairscameron

DH News and other Snippets 8.4.11.doc

Spring Timetable.pdf

Lunch Flyer April 2011.doc

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