BPD (and PD) news and survey

You may, or may not be aware that besides the BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder) and PD (Personality Dosorder) work that we do periodically at LP, that we have been working in partnership with the NHS (in the form of the regional psychotherapy centre) and through our membership of NEt (North East together), the regional mental health service user and carer network to help get a PD Northern User Network together, and it was officially launched on November 11th.

It’s early days, but we aim, as a user-controlled network to encourage an expansion in the number and range of peer-support PD groups, building on the success of the few that do operate in the region. Watch this space for more news and developments, and a dedicated website for the PD Northern User Network…

On a related topic, we’ve been contacted by  a third year psychology student at Newcastle University, and she’s doing a dissertation and would like to ask questions of mental health service users. The dissertation is regarding the proposed revisions of the DSM IV as a DSM V is due to be published in May 2013 [note: this is the ‘Bible’ of mental health, or in other words the diagnostic manual that gives definitions and descriptions of diagnoses. Often a contentious tome, new editions can in essence redefine diagnoses, even create new ones]. The main area she will be looking at is borderline personality disorder, to investigate which groups of people (psychologists/psychiatrists, mental health service users and students) are for or against the proposed revisions and whether it will be beneficial to them.

If you would like to assist and have a diagnosis of BPD, then feel free to complete the questionnaire here.

2 thoughts on “BPD (and PD) news and survey

    1. Oh goodness,Alicia, please don’t get me started on the variability of diagnosis. same problems, but different diagnosis (and hence different care and treatments) depending on the particular clinician seen, the time of day, whatever’s in fashion at the time…

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