Hello Dawn’s Readers

My name is Gina. I’m writing today about an issue which affects me, I am overweight, in medical terms I am obese.  I weigh 18 stones and am only 5ft 6.

Yesterday I was talking to some people I meet with weekly who have similar issues with their weight, we found we all had one thing in common, we are all on medication for mental illnesses. I have a diagnosis of schizophrenia and for many years spent time in and out of hospital when my symtoms became completely unmanageable. I’m 49 now, and I lost years of my life to hospitalisation.  I was treated with the most brutal medications, one of the most difficult to manage for me being Chlorpromazine which is an anti-psychotic. It was a medicine which helped control some of the symptoms which affected me the most badly, but it was also responsible for the…

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