Wrongly found “fit for work”? Check ESA regulations 29 and 35 (repost)


Two regulations ‘could hold the key to winning ESA appeals’ by John Pring Disability News Service


November 16th 2012
Today, Black Triangle is launching our campaign to encourage the mass take-up of Regulations 29 and 35.
Working closely with all our members, supporters and our sister organisation Disabled People Against Cuts, we must rapidly ensure that EVERY sick and/or disabled person in Britain facing the inhuman DWP/Atos WCA abomination and their GPs (and Consultants, where applicable) are fully up-to-speed on the use and application of these regulations which grant lawful exemption and immunity from adverse Atos WCA decisions.

We believe that, properly applied (we explain how is some detail), their use may save tens, perhaps hundreds of thousands of sick and/or disabled people from untold suffering.  

Everybody can play their part in this campaign by spreading the word as far and wide as possible. Please print out the draft letters and explanatory notes and submit them to your local medical centres/surgeries as well as any local advice and advocacy agencies.

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