Your first Mental health, health and social care news and views and gubbins mail-out for 2013

It’s been a long time since the last compendious mail-out, and that wait may continue a little longer if you were anticipating one of the 2,000-3,000 word epics, but here’s a more-than-minimal, if less-than-encyclopaedic, bundle of news views, links and stuff generally pertaining to mental health,health and social care.

First is an event which is taking place on the 7th of February, In Newcastle, under the aegis of national MIND,NSUN and many others, to look at influencing, campaigning and peer support, all in mental health. There’s been a degree of negotiation about the day in order to emphasise local work and activities (ostensibly the aim of the day) in and around the region, but that’s pretty much settled now and so the day should be decent. Online registration only,alas, but that’s not a decision we made.Please also note that there are only about 20 places left.
There’s a (proper,professional) theatrical production (actually, it’s not a mere production,more an event) with which Launchpad (and via LP, the NTWSU&C and NEt networks) has involvement, and which touches on many health and ethics and societal issues, and which can be used for sparking discussions/debates or suchlike. It’s "Alice in Bed", the play by Susan Sontag: part of its appeal is that it is open to numerous interpretations, but just some of the themes it touches on are illness and mental health,physical health, the "role" of being a patient, feminism, Henry James (famous novelist) and William James (famous psychologist and founder of the first formal psychology training in the USA). identity (the titular Alice being their sister), societal norms etc.The play runs from the 27th of February 2013 to the 3rd of March 2013
Please do also pencil the 28th of February in your diaries, as we’re organising a day with talks and workshops based on the play and its performance, aiming for a good mix of creativeness, health professionals academics and at least half of the attendees to be service users/patients/survivors/carers.The flyer for the workshop day is attached (LISTEN HERE pdf).For info, follow this link Alice in Bed Info.
A quick reminder about the job with NEt: NEt, the North East network of mental health service users, carers and our organisations, which is also NSUN’s North Eastern presence has secured funding for a dedicated paid worker. You can find some more details via a previous network email, as archived here.
Some other news and opinion pieces are also readable via here. That’s where you might find some more splenetic stuff. If you need your blood to boil right here and now, then you can always read the attached report into the stigma that gets attached to claimants of benefits, and the negative media coverage of claimants and the damaging misconceptions believed by too many of the public. Hat-tip to Marion for the report (attached as Benefits stigma pdf)
Next up, please find attached the latest NEMHDU news bulletin (Newsletter 13). Worth reading, and also contains much by way of policy updates.
Now, all of this year’s NSUN bulletins (i.e all 4 to date, but remember you can sign up to get them direct, and indeed why not do so here) are here: one, two three & four).
Then there’s the National Involvement partnership update, here.

Toodle-pip until the next time, while won’t be as long in coming as this mail-out (aye,right…)


Alisdair Cameron
LAUNCHPAD Team Leader,
NTWSU&C n/wk co-chair (with Mish Loraine)
(for network business: ntwsuc)

Offices 210 and 211,
Holy Jesus Hospital,
City Road,
Newcastle upon Tyne,

Tel 0191 2330382 (personal mobile 07736074213)

E-mail launchpadncl
or alisdairscameron


Benefits stigma Draft report v9.pdf

Newsletter 13.pdf

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