Mental health, health and social care news and views from the networks, Feb 2013

Another mailout, so soon after the last (comparatively speaking:yes, some glaciers have been known to overtake your correspondent)? Why, you spoil us, Mr Ambassador.

Not so much by way of icky hazelnut cream content though.
So let’s sashay through a round-up of stuff you should know about, stuff you quite possibly already know about,stuff you’re not going to read,stuff that will sit mouldering on the shelf marked “someday”, stuff you possibly wished that hadn’t been brought to your attention after reading it. Stuff, and lots of it.
  • A round-up of NSUN round-ups and bulletins (and don’t forget to join them if you haven’t done so already): one,two,three,four
  • A health and social care policy round-up from VONNE (attached as Roundup 16)
  • Three MHNE round-ups (self-explanatory attachment titles, one would have thought)
  • A questionnaire on involvement from the nice people at the National Involvement Partnership, to which the user and carer networks feed in. Ignore the closing date on the questionnaire, by the way (attached as NIP questionnaire). 
  • Use mental health services? Fancy a spot of songwriting. Matt Coyle is trying to establish demand for a song-writing group and we’ve been working with him to try and get it going. Expressions of interest to me (details as in the signature below) or (mobile 0755 4446799)
  • Details of a lecture that will be delivered by a professor at Cardiff Law School and a solicitor with Scot-Moncrief Associates LLP London. Luke represents disabled and older people and their carers as well as acting as an advisor for many of the UK’s leading charities on Thursday 28th of February :Does your carer take sugar? Thursday 28 February 2013 Northumbria University School of Law, City Campus East 6pm. To book a place call 0191 243 7035 or email
  • Please also find attached details of the Spiritual Crisis Network’s Conference in Sunderland on 28th June (attached as finding solid ground jpg)
  • Next attachment gives news of a talk/event on “Shared Decision Making”, with a focus primarily (but not exclusively) upon the NTW trust. It’s 5.30-7.15pm on the 13th of March, at the Oxford Centre, West Farm Avenue, Longbenton, NE12 8LT. It is ticket only though, so contact or ring (0191) 223 2694 by this Friday (1st March) if possible.(attached as MembersEvent Poster circ14Feb.docx)
  • Final attachment relates to a new support group for those who experience or have experienced distress around eating, or eating disorders. It starts on Tuesday 5th March, between 6.00 — 8.00 pm and is run by our old friends NIWE at their place,the Old Post Office, 5 Pink Lane  Newcastle NE1 5DW. Contact or call 0191 221023 for details. (attached as Staywell Poster)

At this juncture, we were going to turn to the utterly dispiriting developments in welfare “reform”, the systematic dismantling of the enlightened post-war settlement, and the disreputable “dog-whistle” politicking, dissimulation and downright mendacity being practised by certain Governmental ministers and departments, as part of an ideological drive to demonise the already vulnerable in order to distract attention from the selling-off of everything that isn’t nailed down (and the prising up/jemmying off of that which is…to flog that too) to corporate cronies and shady privateers. Oh, and the impact of cuts imposed by an “austerity” drive that doesn’t work at improving the nation’s finances, but whose real purpose was never about that, but about privatising,marketising,commercialising everything and everyone to the detriment of the many, and the benefit of the few.But you’ll have had your fill for now, and so maybe we’ll save such strong stuff for a later occasion, which will no doubt allow time for some more dismaying news to break.

AlisdairAlisdair Cameron
LAUNCHPAD Team Leader,
NTWSU&C n/wk co-chair (with Mish Loraine)
(for network business:

Offices 210 and 211,
Holy Jesus Hospital,
City Road,
Newcastle upon Tyne,

Tel 0191 2330382 (personal mobile 07736074213)

Roundup 16 January 2013.pdf

MHNE Bulletin 31st January 2013.pdf

MHNE Bulletin 13th Feb 2013.pdf

MHNE Bulletin 21st Feb 2013.pdf

NIP questionnaire Jan 2013.docx

MembersEvent Poster circ14Feb.docx

Staywell Poster March 2013.pdf

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