Next NTWSU&C network meeting, Friday 15th March at Launchpad, 12.30pm

Please find attached both an agenda for this coming Friday’s (15th March) Northumberland, Tyne and Wear Service User and Carer (NTWSU&C) network meeting,which will start around 12.30pm, and the minutes from February’s meeting which will be checked for accuracy,errors,calumny and over-exaggeration at the aforementioned meeting. Yes, you read that right, both agenda and minutes in one missive, thereby proving beyond all doubt that wonders never cease.

For those unfamiliar with the venue, we’re in the Holy Jesus Hospital, formerly the Joicey museum, right by the 55 degrees north/Swan House roundabout, where Pilgrim street meets City road: it’s the very old building that was once a soup kitchen etc…Press the National Trust buzzer for entry. Best parking is at Manors multi-storey.

Alisdair Cameron
LAUNCHPAD Team Leader,
NTWSU&C n/wk co-chair (with Mish Loraine)
(for network business: ntwsuc)

Offices 210 and 211,
Holy Jesus Hospital,
City Road,
Newcastle upon Tyne,

Tel 0191 2330382 (personal mobile 07736074213)

E-mail launchpadncl
or alisdairscameron

NTWSUC minutes 220213.doc

NTWSUC agenda for 150313.doc

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