Meet The Nudge Unit – The Snake Oil Salesmen At The Heart of Government

Deception and spivvery run deep in this administration

the void

look-in-my-eyesA bungled government sponsored online personality test has drawn scrutiny over the weekend after the Skawkbox blog revealed that no matter what answers the respondent gave to the probing questions the results were almost identical.

The test, which has already been inflicted on some unemployed claimants,  turns out to be the work of the controversial ‘nudge unit’.  Formally known as the Behavioral Insight Team, this seems to be a  flaky operation of Oxbridge toffs and policy wonks established to ‘nudge’ people into doing what David Cameron wants them to.

This shambolic operation, currently running at a cost of around half a million a year, have managed to devise an online personality test which will tell you your ‘signature strengths’ even if you don’t bother to answer any of the questions.  In a further example of this Government’s incompetence when it comes to anything at all to do with computers or…

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