Imminent disruption

Very good piece by David, highlighting the perils of disruption for disruption’s sake. And rightly putting the boot into vogueish bandwagon-jumping bullshitters.

Beanbags and Bullsh!t

Reporting on the recent Skoll World Forum for Pioneers Post, David Bank of Impact IQ reflects on the participants’ intoxication with idea of disruptiveness.

‘Disruption’ was the theme of the event and, Bank tells us, it provoked statements ranging from Forum founder, former eBay boss, Jeff Skoll’s relatively understated: “Let’s disrupt our way to a different world” to former Eurythmics star Annie Lennox’s more ambitious “I want to disrupt the entire media“.

As Bank explains, social entrepreneurs “adopted disruption from the world of technology…” with the idea being  “that new technologies that at first seemed clunky or even useless could nibble at the fringes of established markets with performance that was good enough for marginal customer groups” and that “as performance improved and prices dropped, even core customers would defect to the new approach.”

While Jeff Skoll may know a thing…

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