Next NTWSU&C network meeting, Friday 19th July, Morpeth

As the days turn into weeks, and time’s winged chariot rolls across the celestial canvas, so it is that we’re almost upon the next NTWSU&C network meeting. Almost…well it’s on Friday the 19th, but your correspondent is off for a day or two between then and now, so is getting this to you sooner rather than later.

Okay, in among the waffle we’ve established that there’s a network meeting on Friday 19th. It’ll be from 12.30pm, with a lunch laid on this time, but note, note NOTE, this month we’ll be in Northumberland in the community centre at St George’s Park, Morpeth.
There will be an agenda at some point, carefully constructed and planned and not in the least bit thrown together at the last minute.
In the meantime though do feel free to suggest items you might wish to see included, and do enjoy the attached minutes from last month. Which are very much in draft, so don’t take exception if there are errors, omissions or inaccuracies.


Alisdair Cameron
LAUNCHPAD Team Leader,
NTWSU&C n/wk co-chair (with Mish Loraine)
(for network business: ntwsuc)

Offices 210 and 211,
Holy Jesus Hospital,
City Road,
Newcastle upon Tyne,

Tel 0191 2330382 (personal mobile 07736074213)
E-mail launchpadncl

or alisdairscameron

NTWSUC Minutes June 2013.doc

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