Info for Launchpad walk Sunday Oct 13

Sunday October 13

Bill Quay Farm

Meeting point: Holy Jesus Hospital (City Road, Newcastle) main entrance.

Meeting time: 10.30am

The Route

From the Holy Jesus Hospital we head across the Tyne Bridge and then down onto Gateshead quayside. From there we can enjoy a wander east along the Keelmen’s Way to Bill Quays Farm. (The Keelmen’s Way is a long distance walking and cycle trail along the banks of the Tyne.)

The Bill Quays Farm is lovely little spot located just outside Gateshead. There’s all sorts of wildlife to see, including the Tamworth pigs. Though the sound of rumbling might not be the friendly porcines but our tummies! But that’s no problem. There’s plenty of space to sit and eat a sarnie and enjoy the amazing views across the River Tyne.

I’ll also tell you about  the time I interviewed a chap who, part of an archaeological team, found some startling finds here …… But you will have to come along on the walk to hear the story!

After lunch we enjoy a walk back to Launchpad. The day’s ramble is 6 miles.


To book a place contact either Alisdair Cameron or Chris Rooney.

Contacts details:


Tel: (0191) 2330382

Mob: 07736074213



Mob: 0741 595 4065


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