Early(ish) February 2014 mental health and health and social care news, views, opinions, events etc

February already. Where, just where does the time go? Okay, it doesn’t go anywhere, because it’s more a dimension than anything (well, sort of, in a way*), but you get my drift. And so to your news, views and other stuff.

And they’re off, with an early lead being taken by the folk of NSUN, who have two updates at the tiome of writing, readable here and here. Stop press, here‘s a third one.
On the newsletter front, also please find attached the most recent one from NEMHDU (Newsletter 25 pdf).
And in a desperate rush to get this news round-up out there in something vaguely approximating a timely manner (and so avoid the wrath of a certain WGS), we press on, with word of the next Adult ADHD group meeting, with attachments to boot. It’s on the 17th of February, 6.30 pm ~ 8.45pm (… turn up any time after 6:15…) meeting in the seminar room of the Adult ADHD Service Collingwood Court, St Nicholas Hospital, Gosforth, Newcastle-upon-Tyne NE3 3XT

For the next meeting: we want as many people as possible to join us for a terrific event, with a special guest, Scott Latty who will be presented with a cheque from those wonderful folks at NTWSU&C, as a contribution towards the production of his impressive new documentary project about adults with ADHD.

Scott (who is currently working with Stephen Paul Blanchard, a published writer) will discuss the background to his groundbreaking documentary that is aimed at providing a raw insight into a very controversial and misunderstood condition. There will be ample opportunity for a discussion afterwards!

Scott is extremely interested in meeting potential contributors who would like to be filmed talking about their own experiences of living as an adult with ADHD.
If anybody would like to contact Scott before the 17th, his contact details are:-

email: scottlatty
mobile: 07707120690
Twitter: Scott_latty, under the banner of Ooba Productions@exposetv

Moving on and there’s comedy afoot. First up, and attached is a flyer for a comedy night in aid of, or as part of Time to Change the national mental health anti-stigma campaign, and they’re looking for some willing volunteers to help on Feb 25th. Flyer attached. Time to Change are also (short,short notice, I’m afraid) looking for some volunteers to get trained in speaking out. Flyer and info attached too (Speak Up, Speak Out).If that interests you, act sharp, check the commitments required, and send the booking form to the right person (not to me), namely e.green . If you were to speak and out, it’d be nice to mention the local group,organisation, agency or network that help support you. Just sayin’…

More laughter. This time in aid of Tyneside Mind:

The Stand have had to change the date of Tyneside MIND’s charity comedy night.
It is now Sunday 9th March. Door will open at 6pm and the show will start at 7pm.
Due to their mistake, The Stand are now taking over the running of the event and it is now on their website and they are going to put 1000s of leaflets out and staff it, so hopefully that will lead to an even more successful evening!
To reserve tickets and pick them up on the night go here http://www.thestand.co.uk/performance/09-03-2014/Newcastle/Tyneside-Mind-Benefit/13727
If you are unable to go, but would like to make a donation, please go to the next link http://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/tyneside-mind-comedy-night-tickets-9704998913. If you wish, you can book tickets and pay for tickets here before the event.
Raffle prizes are looking good – so far we have:
4 corporate tickets for the Newcastle Eagles Basketball
Massage http://jamboyoga.com/
Yoga http://jamboyoga.com/
Reiki treatment http://jamboyoga.com/
As you Like It voucher
Tour of House of Lords and dinner with Lord Jeremy Beecham
A piece from http://davidfryceramics.com/
Coffee from http://www.flatcapscoffee.com/
Whisky from UK & European Parliaments
and the usual chocolates, smellies and alcohol!

And, truth be told, there are umpteen more items to be included in this mail-out, but the spirit to write blurb for and around them is failing, ebbing away. Let’s screw our courage to the sticking-place and press on though, as the end is almost nigh

Some of us have known of the small but doughty MH activities group Awakenings for a while, but now they say they’re ready to expand their service to all Service Users interested in feeling part of a community, and joining in activities.(Principally Newcastle area) Activities include Monthly Ten Pin Bowling, day trips Theatre and Cinema Outings all funded by the organisation. For referrals contact:Awakenings Team, Tel 0791 7709 373 (Answer Machine, Return Calls Within 24Hrs)
Web www.awakeningsnortheast.org.uk. Poster attached (Poster 2014).

Let’s get philosophical, yes, let’s, and how better than to check out a series of philosophy lectures, which will include one on Madness (23rd September, which ought to dovetail nicely with other public discussion-type events in the pipeline for about the same time of year: watch this space for further notice). The philosophy series starts sooner, in fact has already begun but the next one is on the 28th of Feb, poster attached (Poster PDF).

Where’s the cynicism, the outrage and caustic comment, I hear you ask (okay, I didn’t hear any of that, but bear with me through this laboured literary (!) conceit. Ah, well in this business-centric world, where only the bottom line matters, it’s been outsourced, to the always admirable Jan Wallcraft, who has compiled a lexicon of Health and Social Care jargon

(* We’ll not get diverted into things like spacetime or comparisons between Minkowski space and Euclidean space, because such talk makes one’s head spin. In space. Or time. Or something)

Alisdair Cameron
LAUNCHPAD Team Leader,
NTWSU&C n/wk co-chair (with Mish Loraine)
(for network business: ntwsuc)

Offices 210 and 211,
Holy Jesus Hospital,
City Road,
Newcastle upon Tyne,

Tel 0191 2330382 (personal mobile 07736074213)

E-mail launchpadncl

or alisdairscameron

Newsletter 25.pdf

North East ADHD adult support group leaflet Mon Feb 17 2014.doc

Time to Change volunteer callout – Laughing for a Change – tour dates.pdf

Speak Up Speak Out Flyer Final.pdf

Speak Up Speak Out Booking Form FINAL (1).doc

Poster 2014.docx

Poster – PDF.pdf

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