Your invitation and papers for the next Regional Anti Stigma Steering Group

Dear Colleagues, Please find attached your invitation and papers for the next meeting of the North East together Regional Anti Stigma Steering group. The meeting will be held on Thursday 23rd April from 1pm to 3pm at Gateshead Clubhouse.

In addition to your papers I enclose walking directions to the Clubhouse and a list of nearby car parks.

Please note that as agreed at the first meeting this meeting will be dedicated to planning a sattellite event to this year’s National Public Health Conference which is to be held at The Sage Gateshead in June. The May meeting will look more at Anti Stigma work in the region in general.

If you wish to give your apologies or have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me at the details below.

Best wishes

Mish Loraine
Regional Co-ordinator
North East together
Co-Chair (with Alisdair Cameron) Northumberland Tyne & Wear Service User and Carer Network


Mobile 07902 403630

parkingmap Gateshead.pdf

Anti stigma Steering Group invite April 2015.docx

Anti Stigma Steering Group Agenda April 2015.docx

Anti stigma Steering group Minutes March 2015 final.docx

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